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Artwork Policy

General Information:
We will gladly edit, clean up or recreate artwork for customer on any confirmed order.  A confirmed order is defined as an order where the customer has approved the cost of a job and had agreed to proceed with the production of that job.  If Richmond Designs works on artwork for a customer and then the customer decides not to go thru with the order the customer will be billed for artwork services rendered at a rate of $40.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $25.00.  The customer will have the option of requesting as many changes to the artwork as that are required as long as the basic concept remains the same.  For the purpose of manufacturing products such as challenge coins and lapel pins, there are certain limitations on what can and cannot be done with regards to the artwork provided or created.  When such limitations become apparent Richmond Designs will notify the customer and try to work around such limitations to accommodate the customer’s request while maintaining the integrity of the artwork.

3D Images:
Images that required 3D tooling such as ships, planes, faces, building, etc. will be made as close to the original specifications as possible. All 3D images are carved into the mold or die by hand and are made as close to the customers original art as possible.  However, it is understood that the creation of 3 dimensional art is a very complicated process and the final product may differ slightly from the artwork provided. Any revisions needed after the artwork has been approved will incur additional costs.

Setup fees and die charges:
Artwork proofs created, edited of modified for a customer to be used in the manufacturing of a product will be included in the “Die Fee” or “Setup Fee”.  Only custom artwork created for a customer will be billed apart from any such fees.  Custom art will include items such as logos and art that is created from a concept rather than clip art or stock images.  The use of corporate logos, military insignias and like items will not be considered custom artwork if the art is readily available. 

Trademarks & Copyrights:
It is the policy of Richmond Designs never to use artwork or images that may be considered copy written or a legal trademark without the customers consent.  It is understood that when a customer presents a job for us to complete that includes such images that the customer has the right to use such and are releasing Richmond Designs from any liability that may arise from such use.  

Delivery Time:
We strives to meet all of our customers delivery dates. When an order is placed an estimated production time is given which is the time it takes to produce the order AFTER the FINAL ARTWORK IS APPROVED.  However, if delays occur due to artwork changes or delays in responding to email requests then the delivery date may be extended from the original estimate. Richmond Designs is not responsible for delays that may occur in the shipping process which we have no control over.

Refunds & Credits:
Any request for refund or credit must be approved by the company prior to being issued. Refunds or credits cannot be given if a product was produced as shown in a final artwork proof regardless of errors. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check the artwork proofs for errors including spelling, color, size, spacing and graphics being used on the product. If any errors are found the customer must notify us before giving their final approval of the project.

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