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** What you should know before ordering coins **

"Thank You, Soldiers!"
Tribute Song From The
3rd Grade Class
Tussing Elementary,
Colonial Heights, VA

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What YOU should know about Us!

No matter who you decide to have make your coins we strongly suggest
that you get to know a little about the company you are dealing with.

Here are some simple facts about our company:

We have been producing challenge coins for over 23 years!
We have over thousands of satisfied challenge coin customers!
We have produced well over one million coins over the years which includes orders of over 200,000 coins for a single order!
We have two retail location; The Award Shop, Inc. in Colonial Heights, VA since 1995 and The Fort Lee Specialty Shop at the Fort Lee Post Exchange Mall (AAFES) which we have had since 1988!
The company founder, LTC Robert J. Oldmixon (1942 - 2009) retired in 1988 as a Lieutenant Colonel US Army!
We stand behind our products 100%, if you are not satisfied we will do whatever it takes until you are!
We have over 6000 sq ft. of retail and production space to offer some of the most unique products on the market. Most of our work is done in house insuring fast prodution time and lower prices.

What YOU should know about some of our competitors!
MOST challenge coin companies are Internet based companies only, they have no "brick and mortar" location which makes them a higher risk to deal with because they may be gone tomorrow.
MOST challenge coin companies on the Internet have been in business less than 2 years, again making you wonder if they will be around next time you want to reorder your coin.
MOST owners of challenge coin companies have little or no real business experience. Most people think that with a website and a product you can have a great business - not true. It takes a lot more that a good idea to last long in this market.
You get what you pay for. Many "Low Cost" coins are actually spin cast coins made the same way sports medals are made. This production method gives the customer a "cheap" alternative to the High Quality Die Struck coins that our customer demand. Don't let them fool you, ask questions about the production method.
Many overseas manufacturers have recently set up shop on U.S. soil offering good coins at "Dirt Cheap" prices. These companies have no ties to the military and do not understand the honor and dedication that the men and women of our Armed Services have and the true meaning of what it is to earn a challenge coin.
Before you deal with any company online ask questions, make calls and get the information so that you know who it is YOU are doing business with.


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  • Embroidered Patches
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  • Military Challenge Coins
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