Kayak - Canoe and Paddle Board Trailers

by Richmond Designs

Below are a few examples of trailers we have customized. If you are interested in ordering a trailer please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Trailers are customized to the customers specifications and generally take 10-14 days to complete once your order is placed.

We customize trailers to accomodate anywhere from 1 boat to 12 boats.

Already have a trailer but want to add raks to it? We do that!

Need a trailer for your lawnmower, ATV, mulch? We do that!

Custom color are available. Want a pink traler.... we can do that. Want a two tone colored trailer... we can do that too!

Trailers may be picked up at our shop in Colonial Heights.

Trailers are new and come with a clear title. Virginia state law requires owners to register their trailers with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
Click here for trailer registration information from the Virginia DMV

We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card and PayPal

Four boat standard length trailer (holds boats up to 14 feet) with 8 inch tires with EZ Kickstand tongue jack


Two boat standard length trailer (holds boats up to 14 feet) with 12 inch tires, spare tire and heavy duty tongue jack


Two boat extended tongue trailer (holds boats up to 17 feet), 12 inch tires, standard wheel togue jack, pressure treated deck.

Trailer Pricing



Spare Tire with mount:

Trailer Tongue Jack:




Total Price:


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