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Why Buy From Us?

1. Experience.

Richmond Designs, has over 20 years manufacturing of experience.

2. Competitive Pricing.

We know that our customers want the best product for the best price. We guarantee the best quality on the market at very competitive prices.

3. Quality.

The best way to describe the quality of our products is to see them first hand. It is hard to tell quality by looking at pictures on the Internet. Feel free to order a sample package to compare our quality with others. Make sure you are getting the best product for your money.  

Need a Quote?

Before you email us for a quote, please read the following:

Before you email us, please take a look at our Price Guide to determine the cost of your coin order. If you cannot figure out your cost or you have figured it out and would like to place an order then email us using the following guidelines:

1. Always include your contact information. (Name, Phone Number, etc.)
2. Clearly state subject of the email in the subject line.
3. If order number has been issued, include it in subject line of all email.
4. Please provide us will all of the coin specs as listed below.

1. Number of coins

2. Size of coins (1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 2", etc.)

3. Special features (i.e.. Diamond Edge, Color, Numbering, etc.)

4. Type of Finish (See Samples)

5. Artwork (We accept almost any type of files. Please make your file name specific to your coin or coin.
Example: 82ndcoin.ppt not coin.ppt)

6. Requested Delivery Date


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